Samuel B. Lee, MD

Education & Training

Loma Linda University

Dr. Lee, completed his MD degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 2009.

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About Dr. Lee

Do you feel like doctors have been medicating you, but not fully understanding you?

Have you been disappointed with psychiatric medications and are seeking a different path, without the short-term and long-term risks that may come with medications?

Do you worry that you may have become overly dependent on sleeping pills or medications for mood/anxiety and would like to live a full, meaningful life without them?

Do you feel like you have more to offer this world and that there is a creative power within you waiting to be unleashed but feel stuck in fear and doubt?

Are you seeking a psychiatrist who is comfortable with alternative, holistic, and complementary treatments while having a judicious and conservative approach to psychiatric medications?

Are you seeking a psychiatrist who is passionate about what he does and has knowledge about natural supplements, plant medicine, breath work, nutrition, shamanism, spirituality and is a certified yoga instructor?

If you resonate with these questions, perhaps we should meet.

I am...a board certified holistic psychiatrist who finds meaning in helping people feel empowered to overcome their programming, conditioning, and traumas so that they can realize the greatness that lies within themselves.

I am...a human being who has learned how to overcome depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction through natural healing modalities.

I am...a curious, empathic, experienced, and honest soul who has learned diverse integrative modalities from around the world and believes that all of nature when given the proper support and tools holds an innate ability to integrate itself back into wholeness.