The Health Integration Center

About Us

The Health Integration Center located in Torrance, California was established and co-founded in 1978 by Dr. David Y. Wong, M.D. and Philip B. Hanisch, O.D. with hopes of providing health services, healing and transformation to all the individuals who visit the center. The practitioners that work at the center take a holistic approach towards health care by integrating mind, body and spirit to achieve optimal health. The center offers the expertise in treating a wide variety of both acute and chronic health conditions, with emphasis in natural medicine. The term "integration" refers to combining the best of conventional medicine with evidence-based natural medicine, thereby providing a complete form of health care. We, at the center, welcome you for a visit to take the next step in achieving optimal health and wellness.

Our Providers

David Y. Wong, MD

Cody J. Long, ND

Eiji Ozawa, ND

Robert Scherzinger

Sabrina Magno, CN