Advanced Cholesterol Test

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Your heart deserves a program as distinct as you. Boston Heart is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease by providing healthcare providers and their patients with novel, personalized diagnostics and reports with integrated, customized lifestyle programs that have the power to change the way clinicians and patients communicate about disease and improve heart health.

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What Is the Advanced Cholesterol Test?

50% of heart attack victims had normal cholesterol levels, according to the National Heart Blood and Lung Institute. Standard cholesterol testing only gives part of the picture, leaving many people with "normal" cholesterol numbers unaware that they are still at risk for a heart attack. The National Cholesterol Education Program introduces new risk factors that are responsible for many individuals being at risk of cardiovascular disease. These risk factors can only be identified with advanced lipoprotein testing. The Advanced Cholesterol Test offerred by Boston Heart Diagnostics will provided and in-depth summary of cardiovascular risks along with personalized integrative therapy options.

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